Past Winners

Michelle Martin - Barry County CMHA
The President’s Award is presented each year at the MHBFSA annual conference. Individual workers, Agencies and Families can be nominated for outstanding and innovative contributions to Home-Based services. The President’s Award was first established in 1995 as a way for the Michigan Home-based Family Services Association to recognize Agencies and Individuals who havemade contributions to the advancement of home-based services and demonstraded dedication to families and children. Additionally in 1999, the Association created an award for families. The Family Award recognizes families who have worked in partnership with home-based counselors to strengthen their familiy.

To encourage more participation the MHBFSA will accept nominations for these awards year round. The nominations will be reviewed in Septemeber of each year and awarded at the Awards Banquet held the first nigth of the Annual Conference, in October of every year. Efforts will be made to notify the nominating party, of the winner, prior to the conference to allow arrangements to be made to attend the Awards Dinner.

Shane & Shyla Dillons - Family Award - nominated by Barry County CMHA
To nominate a family for the Family Award, a worker or an agency can submit a letter citing a family’s accomplishments. The Association will waive the fee for the Annual conference for a family if they would like to attend. The Association will cover the cost of lodging, meals and mileage for two families. The agency, sponsoring the family, must agree to help facilitate the arrangements with the Association . The Award will be presented to the winning families at the luncheon held the first day of the conference.

To submit a any nomination via fax or mail a letter of recommendation to the number/address listed below. Click here to view and enter your nomination information.